Stories Of Impact


Denis’ Story

Resurrection in the congo

It’s been a long time since his parents died, leaving him orphaned, afraid and alone; and he’s grateful that he’s not triggered anymore by the wails and sobs of these women and children …


Jonathan’s Story

healing in Sierra Leone

Frozen in fear, Jonathan used his 6’1” frame to make his daughter, hanging on his back, invisible as he knelt in front of “Killer,” the aptly-named rebel leader who had been sent to destroy Jonathan’s compound – and kill everyone there ... 


Gabriel’s Story

rising up leaders in sudan

Gabriel has been a part of our teaching network for years; easily one of the best teachers we have in South Sudan. He’s dedicated his life to training the next generation of leaders on everything from values to civic leadership; from emotional wellbeing to collective development. When the war resettled him in a refugee camp in Northern Uganda, he pressed on – gathering his students – continuing to teach…


Rachel’s Story

finding new hope in old places

Rachel didn’t want to go to the trauma healing training class. In fact, she didn’t want to do much of anything. What was the point? Even after learning about trauma and ways she could help her students to begin to heal, she would still be stuck raising children of her own, in a refugee camp of over a quarter million people…