Our Work

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

How We Work

We work with a growing network of African leaders who see more beauty and more opportunity in Africa than we've been led to believe exists. These leaders are the men and women whose first instinct is to ask, “How can I help my community?”  In fact, they are already serving as the teachers, the doctors, the pastors and their community’s “go to”.

For these men and women, shouldering their community’s burden of war, famine, and deep trauma is not an end point.  Instead, they are compelled to lead better, engage deeper, and make changes that will last longer.  

We are privileged to come alongside them, listen to the dreams they have for their communities, and invest in their abilities to realize those dreams.  We do that through a two-year coursework that strengthens their skills in civic engagement, community assessment & action, and spiritual formation.  Then, we connect them with others in and outside of Africa who are passionate about those same dreams, so that the network can continue to grow.  

Seeing these leaders spark real, tangible and lasting change in their communities throughout Africa compels us to continue growing this network until we are no longer needed.


“We now have the resources we need to change lives.”

70,000+ graduates are doing great things across Africa.


Our Approach 

country leadership

Our country boards, directors, and staff are at the center of what we do, bringing strategic vision and plans unique to their environment to fulfill our mission of equipping local leaders. They determine goals and measure the progress of building networks, recruiting new students, and mentoring and developing top-rated teachers so that every community with participating leaders can see specific, tangible change in and around their community.



We ascribe to the idea that “a teacher affects eternity; you can never tell where their influence stops.” (Henry Brooks Adams). Without teachers, this growing network of change-makers would not exist. In each country, these passionate men and women are not only investing time and knowledge into their students, they are committed to their own further development so that they might pass on more to the leaders behind them. They identify and recruit new students, administrate and organize classes, constantly press to create healthy learning environments, and facilitate mentoring opportunities outside of the classroom. By continually learning themselves, they invite the student leaders around them to further their education and find greater spiritual, emotional, and physical health for themselves and their communities.


70,000 people, 11 countries, 1 goal: Empowerment.

African Leadership is active in Burundi, Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda.

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Student leaders

Each student leader carries the potential and passion to affect change in his or her community. Once accepted into this two-year program, we endeavor to equip each student with the practical skills and techniques necessary to help their communities thrive. While students invest their time, discipline, and appropriate financial means, we subsidize their education with additional material and accommodation costs where necessary. Additionally, we are constantly assessing new materials or adaptations that would enhance the education these students are receiving. Ultimately, we see these students lead from a place of empowerment and confidence while demonstrating the humility they see modeled by their teachers.

community developers

The culmination of all the inputs from our country directors, teachers, and students is ultimately seen in the collective development of the individuals within the communities these leaders serve. As these communities begin to dream about their continued development, their emotional health, their children’s educational opportunities, the sustainable means by which to harness their own assets for development, those dreams result in an impact greater than numbers: it is people, it is generational, it is eternal.


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