Mocha Club


Small Sacrifices = Big Impact

Small acts of generosity add up to make a huge impact! You can make a difference each month by simply giving up the cost of a few mochas. Mochas aren’t your thing? How about tacos, manicures, movie tickets … you get the idea.

The impact starts with you giving up the cost of a few mochas a month. That impact grows when you invite your friends to join you. Just imagine all we can do together.


It starts with you. You commit to further the work of African Leadership with acts of everyday generosity – like giving up the cost of a few mochas a month. Your family, your friends, and your community do the same.

It starts with local leaders in Africa. They develop strategic plans and achieve goals that meet their community’s unique needs. They offer coursework in theology, community assessment & development, and trauma care. 

Your community’s everyday generosity meets their community’s plan for action. Your mochas become their education, their trauma healing, their opportunity. Together, your community and theirs are sparking real change across Africa.


Become a Mocha Club member today!

Just $9/month - the cost of a couple mochas - helps us equip local African leaders to develop stronger communities. Join the thousands of people who are making a big impact in Africa today!