Fabulous Friends For Africa


Ordinary People on an Extraordinary Mission

Originally started as Five Fabulous Friends at Fifty – Fabulous Friends for Africa began as 5 women who were reaching the “half century” milestone together in 2008. The founder, Terrie Hill, had contemplated a 50th birthday party/dance for several years, yet really wanted to do something more significant and more lasting than a self-focused birthday extravaganza. In what they hoped was a God-inspired idea, the five fabulous friends, along with two other friends they brought on board as “advisors,” started brainstorming about a joint birthday party to benefit relief projects in Africa. 

On Valentine’s Day 2008, they celebrated their birthdays with a wonderful night filled with friends, dancing and desserts. But beyond the fun of the evening, the bigger story is that almost $50,000 was donated to African Leadership through the event.

“The whole experience was a great adventure for us – to celebrate our 50th birthdays with friends, to experience the overwhelming generosity for African Leadership through the event, and then to see the fruit of that generosity in the pictures and stories of the women and children who benefited from our supported projects,” said Terrie.


$850,000 raised in 12 years

The group decided to continue the event, adding more friends to the group and becoming Fabulous Friends for Africa.


Our Impact

The generosity of the guests at the 2019 Fabulous Friends dance provided impact across six countries in central and southern Africa.

It provided the opportunity for hundreds of local leaders to pursue an education focused on values, civic leadership, and collective development that helps them answer the questions they face on a daily basis. In addition, it supported a locally run rehabilitation program in Ethiopia for women and their children who were previously trapped in the sex industry. Finally, it helped fund a locally established high school in a slum community in Nairobi, Kenya.

Together, the 500 guests leveraged their resources to ensure that local leaders across Africa can spark tangible change within their communities.