The most effective and efficient way to spark change across the continent.


An educational pursuit focused on values, civic leadership, and collective development helps answer the questions local leaders face on a daily basis.


It’s Local.

Everything that happens in a country is locally designed and implemented.

It’s Networked.

With more than 70,000 graduates across the continent, leaders can learn from one another.

It’s Sustainable.

Leaders educate leaders who educate more leaders, increasing the capacity of the entire continent.

It’s Measurable.

Comprehension and impact can be measured, and we use that data to further refine our processes.


Their stories of change

Read incredible stories of sacrifice and the impact these leaders are making in their community.


Our Purpose Projects

We are all made to be a part of something bigger than ourselves; but it can often be challenging to find a way to use your talents, your passions, and your resources to better the world around you. With African Leadership’s Purpose Projects, you can design your own opportunities to use your voice and leverage your skills to maximize your impact in Africa.

Your purpose project connects you and your community directly into an international network across Africa to help local leaders spark tangible change within their communities. There are no capes required to do this work. Instead, it’s a network of over 80,000 ordinary people around the world leveraging who they are, giving what they have, using what they know, and learning what they don’t to leave an impact we know will last.

Here are some of the extraordinary projects that people like you have started that are directly impacting the lives of Africans. If you have an idea for your own purpose project, we’d love to hear from you!


01. Mocha club

Small Sacrifice, Big Impact. Mocha Club members use the cost of a couple mochas a month to partner with African leaders in fulfilling their visions for tomorrow. 

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02. Spread the Word

A real estate agent who combines his love of golf, eating, and Africa to make sure every student in the program has all the materials they need.

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A group of passionate women committed to using their specific skills to throw a party every year that positively affects Africa’s future.

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